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What is OrthoFi?

OrthoFi is a software and service solution designed to increase your starts and simplify your life.

Our end-to-end flow streamlines onboarding, stimulates conversions, and takes on both insurance and patient processing & collection. OrthoFi practices are enjoying dynamic growth, balanced cash flow and risk, and smoother operations with insightful metrics to run their business.



OrthoFi’s mission is to increase your starts, but also balance your cash flow to create sustainable growth. With the power of open choice, you not only get better conversion, but you can leverage higher down/monthly choices to help offset more extended options. OrthoFi’s patent-pending Payment Slider changes the game by letting the patient design their plan, making them more comfortable and more likely to choose quality over price.


Insurance Services

With integrated online forms and full-service insurance eligibility verification, OrthoFi saves the average-sized practice 20 hours a week of hold time and last-minute chasing of information that often distracts your front office team from their primary role. OrthoFi will partner with you to take on a number of time-consuming insurance processes including: insurance verification, claim coding and submission, insurance follow up and insurance payment posting.


Patient Billing

& Collections

Most practices dedicate significant team resources to resolving past due accounts which centers solely around income for services already rendered, instead of building relationships that can translate to far more rewarding and profitable referrals. OrthoFi takes on the full burden of billing and past-due accounts, which further frees up your team to focus on delivering that signature personalized touch that creates raving fans.

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