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Managing your existing accounts receivableS


If your practice qualifies for our Existing A/R service, we will guide you through a few additional steps of the setup process. This will allow us to begin managing your existing patient and insurance balances directly in your practice management software.


Complete the following survey before your first call with OrthoFi:

The Existing A/R Discovery Survey is designed to help us understand how your practice currently operates.

Please have this survey completed before your kickoff call.

Attend Existing A/R Handoff Call

Existing A/R Handoff Call


Doctor(s), Practice Manager, Financial/Insurance Coordinator(s)


Must occur the same week as Practice Kickoff Meeting,

will be scheduled by Training and Implementation Lead after

Kickoff Call, Insurance Discovery Call, and Strategic Partnership Meeting


Review OrthoFi's collections practices and discuss details of our service

60 min

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