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Additional Training Requests

Virtual or onsite additional trainings are scheduled with an OrthoFi Trainer. These trainings are best used for new practice staff members or active practices looking for refresher training on the OrthoFi platform.
Completion of OrthoFi University is required prior to the scheduled training. Trainers will assign the appropriate courses to team members prior to the training.
Additional training is available for all active OrthoFi practices. Please see the below for the appropriate pricing. 


Pricing: $3,000

The Training and Implementation Team will coordinate directly with your staff to determine dates and times that are suitable for trainers to be onsite at your practice.

Trainers will remain onsite for the full day to assist with team questions. The trainer will work with your team to review what material should be addressed while onsite.

*Changing onsite dates after confirmation may result in additional costs due to already booked travel*


Pricing: $750

This additional training is best suited for full new hire training on the OrthoFi system. 

This session can be divided into multiple sessions with a trainer depending on the amount of training required. The trainer and your OrthoSuccess Manager will coordinate directly with your team on these trainings.
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Pricing: One free session per quarter

This additional training is best suited for quick refresher trainings on specific topics within the OrthoFi system.

*Additional costs be inquired for extended sessions*
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Office Hours

Twenty-minute blocks scheduled with an OrthoFi Trainer for general questions about software usage, new product functionality, or best practices for your partnership. Available to all active OrthoFi practices.

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